Reaching The Hispanic Community

The cold, hard truth is that even the most targeted marketing campaigns sometimes manage to miss their mark. Derek Dugan, creative strategist for Harland Marketing Services, has plied his trade in advertising for many years and, as a specialist in reaching the fast-growing Hispanic market, he offers a cautionary tale.
Corporate America cannot be blamed for seeking the attention of this highly influential population. According to Dr. Karissa Price, director of corporate development at Lexicon Marketing USA, Inc., a leading provider of educational products to the Hispanic community, “At a time when the nation’s economy is stagnating, the U.S. Hispanic market is emerging as one of the most promising areas for growth.”
The statistics back this up. Research from HispanTelligence, a market research firm in Santa Barbara, Calif., reports that the purchasing power of the Hispanic market has grown more than 30 percent since 2001, reaching $768 billion in 2005. It is expected to surpass $1 trillion a mere three years from now. In terms of sheer numbers, Hispanics account for nearly 14 percent of the total U.S. population, and their growth is outpacing that of two other major ethnic groups: African-American and Asian..
We also have a TV show and Radio Show who reaches the Hispanic Community