Nonprofit organizations make a major impact on our world. As such, they have exciting stories to tell. And that excites us.
Video provides a powerful way to embrace these stories and tell them in a variety of ways. Short-form documentaries provide a natural medium for sharing emotional stories that resonate with your audience. Mission-focused videos offer an opportunity to energize viewers about the work your organization performs. Training videos provide an excellent way to help your organization get the most impact out of each dollar spent. If your organization is responsible for implementing safety across an entire industry, safety videos efficiently convey information to a global audience

A Healthy Society Starts With Healthy Children

Devotion to Children (DTC) is committed to providing access to high quality educational and childcare programs for children aged six and under from economically disadvantaged families.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling the needs of these children so that they may become mentally, physically and emotionally healthy members of society.

Founded in 1994 in Falls Church, Virginia, DTC has collaborated with many like-minded organizations in the provision of childcare, and health and educational services for needy families and their children.


The mission of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Montgomery County is to promote the development and economic growth of the Hispanic business community in Montgomery County, Maryland.


VFF USA invites you to celebrate our inaugural event, “Recipe for Empowerment”. The evening will feature the world premiere of the “VFF USA Virtual Reality Experience”, delectable dishes created by the DC Metro Area’s most accomplished Spanish, Indian, and American Chefs, and both silent and live auction items. Participating Restaurants: Rasika, Bombay Club, Indique, Boqueria, Anxo DC, Punjabi Junction, The Kitchen at Blue Creek, Matchbox, Jaleo, Mitsitam Café, and A Loving Table (

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