In 2017 when everything is about Digital Marketing we forgot for a moment that Slogans have been the key component of any marketing campaign for business and engage with customers for many years.

If I said Just do it! Yes Nike, and you see a figure running, what if I say Think different!, with sad we said Jobs and Apple.

We have be branded with so many slogans that we forgot about our own company.

You can do it! You can develop you slogan you have just to follow up  a few steps:

  1. Go to your emotions and bring them back, you feel that you can’t, then try to put yourself in others’ shoes and feel what they are going through when they need or buy your product, laugh with them, share a tear, and then perhaps, you may find the right slogan. Your slogan should have some emotional attachment.
  2. Remember it has to be shot and catchy and only three to five words long.
  3. Be sure that what you said is reliable, what you said is real.
  4. You can begin with a survey and you can understand and ensure it reflects what you want the public to think your brand is about.
  5. Consider your target market, remember the Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers (pew research center)

So I hope you be able to develop your slogan with this five tips, only don’t forget to be original and if you want to leverage expert designers, get a  Free consultation from the creative team at Random Words Marketing just click here .

Laura Drain President and Founder Random words Marketing Group INC